Dear whoever is a lifestyle blog. Here on my blog, I talk about my life.


My faith, Mental illness, Healthy Living, Personal struggles, Fear, Perseverance, Travel, Missions, Ethical Fashion, Cultural stigmas, Social issues, Equal rights, Minimalism, Creating a safe environment where everyone can share their story. The parts about them that lie untouched. The stories that remain unspoken.


Hey, Welcome to Dear whoever I am Jenise. This is my blog. I am residing in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador (something I dreamed of since 14 years old). Working at a children’s home, with the most beautiful souls I know. I am Christian and have given my life to Christ. I want my actions, my thought, and my existence to glorify him. My husband Kyle and I have vowed to try and live minimal and simple lives. Our goal is to be happy with the things that we have and avoid wasting our energy seeking and obsessing over what we do not have. We moved to Ecuador for a variety of reason. One reason was to refocus the direction of our lives. To put our energy and time into something lasting and more meaningful than our own personal economic gain.


My passions range from talking about and educating people on mental illness from personal experiences, photography and documenting life, storytelling,  healthy eating, cooking, minimising on trash and belongings, natural hair, ethical fashion, women’s rights and the rights of all humans, talking about and trying to give voice for those in this world who are often overlooked or never even considered, natural beauty and beauty products, self-love, travel, my faith, what God is teaching me in life, and just simple pleasures I find in the day to day.



My soul thrives off of creating. I am my happiest when I create. This blog is where I share that creativity with you all. I started this blog as an outlet and a safe place I can share my life. It was originally intended for family and my closest friends, but I have gained the strength and confidence to share it with the world I am a flawed and complicated person, but aren’t we all. As a creative person, my creations are what I have to share with the world. I believe that vulnerability is strength and that being transparent is the real gateway to a happy life. I aim to be as transparent and vulnerable as possible in hopes to encourage other to do the same.


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