A Trip to the Coast

A while ago I took a quick family trip to the coast, and it was such a needed trip.


I love the ocean. I feel like I am the happiest when I am in the ocean, however, I mean yes I am a mountain person, but guys the ocean is magical. I think that’s why I love Washington so much there you get the best of both worlds. Well, here in Ecuador the coast is just unbelievable. It is so beautiful like nothing I have seen before. Granted I have not been to many beaches, but my beach experience here is better than Mexico. Yes, it is that wonderful lol. So where I live in the mountains it is pretty cold and rainy. So I do not get much time to soak in the sun it is never above 75 degrees. Most days the temperature is in the 50-60. I honestly love it, BUT the coast guys. We went to Atacomas. Which was about a seven-hour bus ride. You can take a plane but we decided to bus. And tickets are only $6 a person so that’s a major plus, The beach is BEAUTIFUL. It was my first time going to this beach normally Kyle and I go to a different beach, but we were really excited to travel to a new place.


What is it to feel the sea. The holder of secrets of all land. The tomb that lays you to rest in never ending life. What is it to be within the sea. I always feel like it calls to me. She never lets me be. Her warmth that wraps around me like a wave of peace


It keeps me safe, but a fearful safe pulling me out to never feel the danger that it holds. What is it to feel the sea to be pulled and pushed by her untamable temperament. Her never ending desire to take life and the holder of peace and the carrier of war, the holder of secrets that man have long forgotten she never forgets. But repays us her wrath in her never ending roaring of waves crashing us back out of what is hers. I visit the ocean on occasion and when I do I am taken over by the beauty. I never want to escape the arms of her once I have entered them.


This last trip that I took to the beach I did not take a lot of photos. I did not spend a lot of time thinking about the post that would result from the trip. I made it a point to live in the moment to enjoy and to pay attention to the life that was happening in front of me. The smiles the smells the endless sound of laughter. I made it a point to have conversations to really enjoy the food to lay and mistakenly fall asleep in the rays of the sun.


I can’t express to you how beautiful it was to just live in the moments that God gave me and to rejoice in the beauty of each and every one. To document is beautiful yes. But as of lately, I have made it a point to pay attention to what I am being pulled to, and what it is that I am telling myself. And when It is time to live in the moment to seek peace of mind and joy in the time that you are given I must listen. I was being told something I was being given a gift and I was drawn to receive it. I wonder how many of these moments I miss out on thinking of how they could be better or spending time in my own head contemplating my worth. My life. My dreams. Flooded in a never ending river of myself. The book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment“>The Power of Now was so good for me. I learned to listen to the voice that I can not hear but that tells me to be still and to live in this very moment. When I surrender myself from myself magical things begin to happen. You should try it sometime.





{guys this corn is so freaking good}



Yall the struggle is real and I am so behind on these post, don’t fret I plan to catch up on my goal of 30 posts and 30 days.

Love you all so much, hope you have a wonderful day.


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