Tell Your Story

An account of past events in someone’s life or in the development of something.


The past, stories, thoughts, beliefs, fear, words that were spoken. These are the very fibers that bind humanity. What would the past future and present time be without the stories? How would the absence of storytelling change the daily interactions we hold with one another. I believe we seek to find a story in everything. We read books. We watch shows. We create friendships so that just one person can know the events that take place in our daily routines. The moments that make you realize how small or infinity this life you live really is.

From the time I was an itty bitty, I was fascinated and intrigued by stories and storytelling. I loved reading books and watching movies. The older I got the more I allowed room for the things that were not so glamorous. I wanted to know the stories that should have never had to be told. The stories of poverty of culture, hate, and genocide. These stories of horrible truths all became so important to me.

IMG_5960 2

I was born a black girl the stories of black women who relentlessly fought so that I could grow up in the world that I did always inspired me. These stories carry so much strength and power through time. A story holds something that does not die with you.


Think about how we connect with other souls. It is not just through sitting with them in silence but it is through the words we share. Words recounting the events that create this being that we are. My friends have all taught me ways in which to see the world differently friendships that had taken place when I was just a little girl every single one of those people helped teach me how to see the world in a different light and a different way. Something I appreciate more than anything else. You see the change in my blog too dear whoever. The focus is that I want to hear the stories of others around me in this world. I want this post to inspire you to do just that to tell your store with the world.

If you are interested in sharing your stories with me to be posted here on my blog please click the link here for submission details.

Wishing you all love in light through this week.


One thought on “Tell Your Story

  1. I was tongue-tied from the time I was born until my tongue was clipped when I was about 12 years old. I had trouble talking and I did a lot of studdering trying to get the words out. When I started school, my 1st grade teacher asked me what my name was and I couldn’t get the words out. My neighbor, Gloria Jean Dennger , who was also starting the first grade had to answer for me.
    I was very shy, timed and later I learned from the testing, that I was also an extreme Introvert as well. I have always preferred to sit in the corner where I could “see and not be seen” as the saying goes.
    I grew up in Idaho in the shadow of what had been the Wild West Days. The way-of-life had changed but the thoughts of the male population had not completely changed. You never saw a father or husband taking care of a child or carrying a baby in public because that was WOMAN’S work! Young boys had similar thoughts, had to show how tough they were by fighting. They would pick a fight with another boy when others were around just to show off. I didn’t agree with this and didn’t want to fight because I didn’t want to hurt anyone else. I was afraid that I would lose my temper and really hurt the other fellow if I started fighting. A group of boys would sometimes get me surrounded and one of the boys would start hitting. I didn’t hit him back so the fight would soon end because there was no fun in it for the group. I would have to go home so mother could wash my only school cloths that I needed wear the next day.


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