Dear Whoever

Dear whoever….


I have always had a passion for storytelling. I am filled with so much joy when I am able to hear the stories of those I share this world with. There are 7 billion of us. 7 billion individual lives that we can learn so much from. Providing us with an abundance of wisdom much of it still unspoken. While this is a blog that started out focusing on my personal journey through life. Within a short time of sharing, I noticed this burning desire to not only share my life’s experiences but to also listen to the stories of others. I want to know what lies deep in the hearts of others coinciding in this world with me. I want to know what gives others hope when hope seem lost.  I want to know about that the things in this world that make others smile so big those around can not help but join in. Obstacles that you once believed were impossible to face and overcome. Those moments in life that were so blissful they couldn’t have been real. I want to read about your experience in Thailand the smell of the flowers moments that were too beautiful to be real the ones you had to close your eyes in order to capture forever. The way the sun felt on your skin. I want to read about your raw moments in your life.

God does not allow this world to mold us into the same people. We come from different economic backgrounds, we are different races, different skin shade, have different sexual orientations, we are different genders, we are different ages, WE ARE DIFFERENT. We come from different origins of this beautiful planet with unique cultural norms and social expectations. Those differences posses a great amount of untold and untouched beauty. I wish to tap into some of that beauty. My goal in this is to share words that will help encourage and inspire others. I know however, I will not touch, move, or inspire everyone. Many may find my words annoying or useless. But maybe in you. In your stories, they may find something they have been looking for. Someone who understands. Someone who encourages and inspires them. YOU. Maybe your story will inspire. Giving someone a new perspective on a cultural. or invoke deep introspective thought. OR maybe your story will do nothing for others, but feel so good for your to get out.


My desire is that we all share and that I can showcase your stories, your struggles, your religion, your faith, your happiness. I want to share it all. Every bit of it. Not just for me. not just for you. but for all of us. I am writing. I am creating and I am sharing with whoever will listen….

This is a sort of big change for me, and a change in the direction of this blog but it makes me SO HAPPY. I am so excited to start hearing and sharing the lives and stories of different people.


Welcome to this new space. I hope that here you can find encouraging words, words that uplift and inspire your soul. Here I hope that you can find courage and strength through my words and through all the words and stories that will be told.

This idea Dear Whoever came to me one night at about three in the morning. One of those manic nights when my mind wouldn’t stop creating, dreaming, and thinking. I wrote it all down and for the next week couldn’t stop smiling at the idea of this all. At all the things that were to come. At all of the untold stories. I believe that this is the beginning of a very amazing journey, and I cannot wait to share it all with you.


Dear Whoever welcome to this new space.


2 thoughts on “Dear Whoever

  1. Dear, whoever I love you. You are beautiful. You matter. I hope you have an incredible week

    Yes, I like what you are doing. I didn’t believe that a young, good looking, talented, young lady could open up like you have and share the deep and honest feeling that you have done.


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