Weekend Wrap-up

Hello, everyone.


This last week:  Was great. I felt more motivated and focused than usual. Kyle and I are in the process of getting our two-year visas, and let me tell you it has been a process. Probably my least favorite task in the entire world. It is the most time consuming unorganized nonsensical process you could ever put yourself through. So far we have been in the visa office three times and finally, after a long and exhausting fight have been approved. We have paid and now all that is left is to make yet another trip to Quito to pick them up. Mind you that is like an hour and a half bus ride…I am however thankful that we were actually approved, and will not have to do this visa thing for two years. I have fallen deeply in love with this country. I am just so grateful that we are able to spend more time here.I have said many times in the past Ecuador is home.

So my parents are moving to Ecuador along with my younger brother. I am actually really excited about it all. I know how much moving here, and becoming missionaries has changed both kyle and my outlook and purpose in life. I am excited that my family is going to get to experience this side of life as well. I know it might seem strange that my entire family moved to the same country at different times, but I am actually really excited to have all of us together again doing work for God. My brother and dad came down this week to feel things out and to bring some belongings in. Well, my parents brought me in a new camera lens, and oh my gosh let me tell you I am in heaven. I bought my DSLR camera about three years ago with the free starter lens. Which at the time was perfect especially because I was just a beginner and was not yet shooting in manual mode. Last year I took the time to learn the logistics of photography and have been shooting in manual mode ever since. I feel like I outgrew my old lens for some time now, and that it was time to upgrade. I am a big believer in not overdoing the equipment.

This week I was able to take pictures of our staff here at the hacienda for our new website. I, of course, being the person that I am was so nervous and scared that I would do a horrible job and it would all crash and burn, But doing something that I loved with the people that I work so close with was such an incredible feeling. Being able to be a part of their laughter and smiles was so special to me. Being able to connect with people through photography is just so incredible.

We went to see a movie with our girls this weekend. We saw Hidden Figures. Which was honestly one of the most beautiful movies I have seen in awhile. I feel like the majority of movies that take place during the civil rights movement only focus on the oppression and the oppressors. This movie did such a wonderful job in focusing on the women and the strength and power they had to have in order to overcome their obstacles. Girl power done right.

This week was beautiful, and it was simple. I was able to find a lot of balance and peace within myself this week which is always such a blessing.

Goals this week:

-Be more present

-Give more hugs

-Clean my closet

-Make cookies

-Be productive

-Practice Spanish

-Take more pictures

Random facts:

-This week is election week here in Ecuador so the streets are filled with signs, parades, flags, and all sorts of craziness.

-Kyle and I have spent over ten hours in the visa office

-We got two new kids at the Hacienda and they are just adorable

-I have been really excited about the idea of going on a medical mission sometime in time future

-My mom will be in Ecuador in less than a month!!!!!!!!








8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. I am so inspired by your journey. Not only did you step out on faith and take a major risk that paid off, you’ve convinced your family to do the same! Enjoy the rest of your week and keep walking by faith not by sight.



  2. I loved reading this! First of all, I love those photos, your outfit looks amazing.
    After reading I feel so inspired and thank you for that. Your goals of the week are so motivational. Never give up. Have a great day!


  3. Oh my gosh Ecuador, how exciting! I wish I lived in different places, but I was born and raised in the same place. You are going to have so many great new experiences 🙂


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