Protective Hair Style: Crochet Braids.



Hello everyone,

So a while ago I posted a protective hairstyle post here on my blog. My goal with that post was to share with you all what protective hair styles are and why I started to wear them. I will link that post here.

Well, a while ago I tried out a new protective hair styled. Crochet Braids. I have done this style before in the past, but not with these pre-done twists. In the past, it was done with single strand hair. I think I will do a post on my experience with that hair style as well.

So I would give this protective style a 4 out of 5.


well, it did everything that I needed it to do. It gave me a break from daily manipulation. It saved me many hours of doing my hair on a daily base. The hair is really easy to buy and find. If you do not have a beauty supply store close to you, you can find the hair on Amazon I will share the link to the hair here. I bought ten packs for my hair, and only used eight and a half packs, but I got a lovely twist in a just a few hours instead of the normal six plus hours.  The install was very simple and the take down as well, and when you are tired of the twist you can pull them apart leaving you with this cute tight wavy hair style. I guess this is the most important question of them all… Would I ever do it again.?

Unfortunately, the answer to that is no…

I seriously love the style on other women. It looks so put together and neat, however, for some reason, the shape of my face just didn’t do too well with it… and I was left with a massive frizzy bush thing when I decided to unravel my twist, simply because I rushed the unravel process and yeah…


Does it protect hair: Yes

Install and take down: Easy

Can you style it in other styles: Yes

Washing and conditioning: Easy

Lifetime: For me no more than four weeksimg_0547


This is the hair after I unraveled the twist.

img_0529A view from the back 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope you have a great week ❤


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