A few of my Faviorte places: Cosecha

Hello everyone

fullsizeoutput_4d6Kyle and I get asked often what exactly we do when we aren’t working, and we never quite know how to answer. Sometimes I feel like asking them the same question. “Well what do you do on your weekends” the beauty off weekends are the openness that they possess, and I mean to be completely honest some of our best weekends have been spent inside. I assume the eagerness to learn more about our daily life comes from the fact that we live in a different country then majority of our friends and family, and as a result we are living a completely different lifestyle, but to tell you in a passing conversation what I enjoy doing on my weekends would be impossible…fullsizeoutput_34a

fullsizeoutput_351So I thought that I would share with you on occasion the things that we enjoy doing when we are not working.fullsizeoutput_386


fullsizeoutput_355Kyle and I are both very much in love with coffee shops. We have a lot of coffee shops back home that we loved passing time in. We would call them “our spots” We were both so excited when we found a place here in Ecuador with good coffee. Good food. Tons of indoor plants. And an excellent coffee shop vibe..fullsizeoutput_34d


fullsizeoutput_34cWe love spending our time off here. To just relax and do random less important things that we can’t justify spending our time on during the week.fullsizeoutput_363

fullsizeoutput_371Another bonus is it’s only a forty minute bus ride away. Which for us is nothing because we live in the country…fullsizeoutput_36d

fullsizeoutput_5d8PS: This greek yogurt bowl is heaven…



Well, I hope you enjoy getting a closer look into our pastime, and hopefully, I stay motivated to share more snippets of my weekends with you guys!

I hope you have a fantastic day ❤



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