Eleven Random Facts about me.

img_0819-cr2Hello everyone. I have been back home in Washington for the past month and have found myself with a lot more time than normal. I love this blog, however I do not really commit myself to it enough. I always think “I should blog today”, but other more important things manage to fill my time. The other day I really wanted to write something, and nothing came to mind. I then decided out of frustration to look through some of my old blog posts, and maybe get some Ideas. After a couple of minutes I realized I haven’t really posted a lot about myself here. So that gave me the idea to write eleven random facts about myself. Hope you enjoy. ❤

  1. I am a Christian

I am a Christian. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. I believe in the Bible, and in the power of prayer. I will forever follow, and trust God in leading me in whatever direction he does. Rather that be in Ecuador or anywhere else in the world.I personally have a very intimate and sort of quiet relationship with God. Which can be really hard for other Christians. I believe that Jesus died on the cross to save you and I. However, I am not a big fan of organized church. I prefer to bring the church onto a more personal level to meet in our homes. To stop putting so much emphasis, and spending so much money, on the buildings, and to instead put that energy into the widows and orphans(hence why I work in Ecuador). To help those who are ill, and the poor and to support those who are in need. To serve others with humility. To give and to love. I am not saying fellowship with other Christians is not important, because I think it is a crucial part in a healthy Christian life and relationship with God, but let’s go out into the world preaching the gospel, and not sit in the pews talking to those who are already believers.

  1. I am a Mountain/Forest person.

I have this beautiful dream of living in a little tiny house with Kyle, high in the mountains far away from humanity surrounded by woods and a garden, and solar panels enjoying cold dewy mornings, and crisp foggy evenings. Pine needles in my rain boots. Being sheltered from the rain by the long grips of the evergreens. Hot coffee while reading a good book. Bon Iver playing softly in the background, almost being muffled out by rain hitting my roof… That, my friends, is true bliss. I find myself to be most at peace when I am lost in nature, rather that be by walking, hiking, rafting, or biking; I mean, anything really, as long as I am surrounded by the trees.  

  1. I dream of becoming a minimalist

I love the concept of spending less money on possessions and more money on memories and helping others, while virtually eliminating the possibility of debt. There is this quote, probably one of my favorites.

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”

Ellen Goodman

I have started embracing minimalism partly to start living a more sustainable life to produce less waste, or to eliminate my waste all together. Last year my husband Kyle and I moved out of our apartment. We together gave away half of our possessions and packed the rest into my parents’ attic. We had about twenty five boxes total. We each took only two suitcases of belongings with us. We are both naturally messy people and it was the most amazing feeling to have so little to manage and organize. We both fell in love with the simplicity of it all. So last month we returned home due to some medical issues I was having, which was a perfect time to go through our belongings, and get rid of the stuff we no longer needed in the hopes to minimize, and get closer to our goal of only keeping the things that we need in our lives. We are now down to twelve boxes. That is all we own besides our four suitcases in Ecuador. We are both so happy about the changes we have been making.  I have also been infatuated with the thought of a capsule wardrobe, and hope to start minimizing my wardrobe in the near future, but for now I am taking it one step at a time, and I am honestly really enjoying the process, and I hope to share it with you all.

  1. I have been living in Ecuador the past year

Last year Kyle and I moved to the beautiful country of Ecuador to volunteer at a children’s home working with children that were taken from their homes. We are currently working as house parents to ten beautiful children. The work is challenging but so rewarding and we both feel so blessed that God has lead us down this path to serve those who are in need. We have fallen so in love with the culture and especially with the children and the awesome staff we get to work beside during this journey. Ecuador has become my second home.

  1. Fall is my favorite season

I love fall. The crisp air. All the Pumpkin and cinnamon baked goods. Watching the trees change from green to various colors. Layering my clothes and being all cozy, and just about everything that fall consists of. I’m one of the people that likes traditions and have over the years created many fall traditions that just make my soul so happy. Because I live in Ecuador, which is on the equator, there is no fall or winter. It is just eternal spring which honestly is amazing as well, but being from the PNW I grew up always looking forward to the changing of the seasons. A new season has always felt like a fresh start.

  1. I am in love with photography

I feel like this one sort of speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love looking back on old memories? I feel like whenever I look through old pictures it stirs up so much joy. Looking at your parents prom. Or you grandparents wedding. Getting to relive horrible fashion mistakes and those bad haircuts. The thought that one day when my children are older they will get to look back through my images and see the world through my eyes. It will be such a precious gift to share with them.

  1. Reading is my favorite pastime

Books, books, and more books. Expanding your mind through books. Seeing the world through books. Learning about people, religion, social problems, government, culture, history, poetry, through books. Just whatever you do, do not stop reading books. They hold all the magic in the world.

  1. I collect things. Lots and lots of things

Umm…. lets see…. Tea. Mugs. Books. Letters. Pictures. Notebooks. Plates. Lanterns. Stained glass. Candles. Little vases. Scarves. Bracelets. Picture frames. Pots. Tapestries. Just decor all together. Chocolate wrappers from all the exotic Chocolates I have tried. Shot glasses from every country I have visited. Band tees. Movie tickets. Tickets from pretty much anything I do. Old cameras. Vintage clothing. High socks. Couch pillows. Comforters and blankets. Succulents, and pretty much anything pretty and unique that makes me feel happy. Hence the reason I am embracing minimalism, and breaking this odd collections trend I seemed to have picked up in life. Excluding mugs and tea and succulents. That’s just never going to happen.


  1. I try to only shop second hand or from ethical sources

I am really passionate about human rights and the well being of every human on this earth. I also care deeply about the environment and the horrible effects humans are having on the earth through mindless consumption. So naturally I am a conscious shopper, and I like to know where the things I wear and buy come from. When I was in middle school I watched a video about leather, and was educated on not only what the animal goes through, but also what the humans producing this leather have to go through. I was horrified and immediately gave up leather and became a vegetarian. I still to this day purchase little to no leather and want to ultimately have a vegan diet. I later educated myself more on the process of making clothes, and watched some eye opening documentaries. I was saddened to find out the people who are making my clothes are predominantly made up of uneducated women and children living in grinding poverty with unsafe working conditions, and due to lack of human rights, better paying jobs or higher education have little to no hope for a change in their circumstances. All because we as consumers are obsessed with this fast fashion lifestyle, and consume without even considering what our desire to shop might be costing someone else, whilst getting into astronomical amounts of debt for no good reason. Yes, I am very passionate about this topic and plan on writing a more extensive blog post about this in the future.

  1. I’m bipolar

A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar II as well as anxiety and OCD by a psychiatrist. Why am I telling you this? Well simply because it is a huge part of who I am as a person and has changed the way that I view myself and others.  I believe sharing this part of me is healthy; just like any other illness it is not anything that I should be ashamed of. If someone has diabetes or arthritis or any other illness they are normally not made to feel ashamed about talking about the things they go through on a daily basis. I believe there is a stigma that surrounds mental illness, and I will not allow that to silence me with the fear of disapproval and to make me embarrassed of the person I am. Yes it is a hard. It is something that effects my daily life and something that I have to be medicated for.  Recently I had a manic depressive episode and during that time felt so alone and like no one understood what I was going through, and that by sharing this with the people around me I would show weakness. That episode made me think about the lack of resources and people talking about mental illness. As a result of all of that a new goal of mine is to encourage others who are suffering from mental illness or know someone suffering, and maybe educate those who know nothing about mental illness. I want people to know that there is life worth living, and that they are strong enough to make it out of whatever circumstance they are in. No matter how unattainable it may feel, they can get out to find the beauty and to find the will to live in this beautiful world. To know that they matter, and their lives matter, that there are people who love them, that their talents matter, and that their voices matter, and that they alone can change and add so much more beauty to this world. Mental illness sucks, and most people with any form of mental illness will have to deal with it their entire lives as I am, but I plan to share some of my personal lifestyle choices that I believe help keep my mania and depression at bay.

  1. Emerson speaks to my soul.

-To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

-For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

I mean just read some Emerson you will fall in love I promise.

Well, there you have it. Eleven things you probably didn’t know about me. I hope that you enjoyed reading, and got to know me a little bit better.

I hope you all have a great day. ❤


9 thoughts on “Eleven Random Facts about me.

  1. Beautiful post. It takes courage to open up about mental health struggles we all face but I truly believe that sharing your story makes it easier for others to get the help they need.

    So jealous of your time in Ecuador btw!


  2. You are a beautiful woman! Love reading these facts about you. I’m actually heading to Ecuador this december. Will you still be there?


    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot. I will be living in Ecuador in December! That is so exciting that you are going. It is such a beautiful country. Have you been before? why are you going?


  3. I love to get to know my fellow bloggers in more personal level and for that these kind of posts are wonderful. I see we have a lot in common 🙂 I’m also a minimalist and second hand shopper for the right reasons – not always easy, that’s for sure. Im glad you also opened up about your mental health and just like you said, it’s a part of you just like anything else would be. Really enjoyed reading your post and getting to know more about you.
    I would love to visit Equador one day!


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