An Interview.


I believe that the most crucial factor of internal growth is  through the discovery of your passions. Finding that passion is only the beginning; once you find it is then your responsibility to do something with it. Not just for your own growth, but also for the betterment of humanity. God makes us all so unique. These passions and gifts are the very things that intertwine society together. I ask you this simple question…

Have you found your purpose or your passion(s)? If so, what have you done with them?

Today’s blog post is an interview. I personally am a book person, and love supporting other young creatives that want to share their thoughts and art with the world. I truly believe that books hold all the magic in the world. I hope you enjoy reading this interview. I would encourage you to check out this E-book, and let me know what you think.

Why is writing a passion of yours?

That is a very difficult question for me. I have been writing as long as I can remember, really. As soon as I started reading and understood how to form letters, I began to write. I loved the idea of creating my own works. I had numerous pieces that I’ve long since lost on a floppy disk from when I was very young. I have numerous works scattered all over the place, until very recently that I started putting them on the cloud; that organization is probably what contributed the most to my ability to finally actually finish something that I started writing. But for me, writing has been sort of like breathing; I have always written, and that is true to such an extent that I didn’t fully recognize how much I wrote until very recently.

What inspired you to write your first short stories that are featured in “A world Through Many Lenses”?

Well, “A World Through Many Lenses” contains three separate stories. They are all inspired in a similar way, I suppose it’s the easiest way for me to write. “The Beach” was inspired by a day I spent at the beach. Without giving away details, almost everything in that story is directly from my thoughts at the time based on my surroundings. The only exception is the actual drama of the story, really. “Street Meat” was inspired, again, by a real night that I had, and again, everything is from what was going through my head when many of the things outlined in the story took place. The third story, “The Mountain Heights” is sort of an amalgamation of numerous thoughts and occurrences surrounding a single event. I did actually climb a mountain, and I did actually have conversations very similar to the ones that are outlined, but they occurred over a few days, and my thoughts occurred over a period of months.
Would you say that your writing is inspired by the events of daily life?

Absolutely. As I touched on above, the easiest way for me to make characters and ideas flow is by using my own emotion to make them real. That isn’t to say that I am any of the characters, just that they are heavily influenced by my experiences and thoughts.

What are your future goals as a writer?

As with any art, this will evolve, and I hope that the level to which my characters mirror me decreases, because if I ever want to write something really gritty people are going to say that I’m crazy.

I really want to write something a lot longer. I love characters and scenery and detail in what I read, and I want to create books that mirror that. I love short stories as well, though, and I will probably always find a place for them. Sometimes you have great ideas that just don’t need to be very long, and I think that’s perfectly okay, and they’re an absolute joy to write.

I also want to start writing essays, I’m just not sure how marketable they are.

Where can people find your your first short stories?

The book is “A World Through Many Lenses: Three Short Stories Where Perspective is Key.” It is for sale on Amazon at the following link.


7 thoughts on “An Interview.

  1. This is so interesting. I should check out the book. I personally haven’t written a lot though, but I miss it. That’s why I try to write more on the blog. Thanks for sharing ❤


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