Trying Something new on the blog

Lets talk change, lets talk guilt, lets talk about being human.

Strange way to start a post, especially a post about fashion. I also think this post needs some back story. I love clothes. I love fashion. I love the combinations of color and the way I feel when I dress up. It changes me, it gives me confidence, and it makes me feel better about myself. I love fashion so much that I allowed it at a point to take over aspects of my life. Not leaving the house without looking perfect, not going to a party or event without a new, fresh, polished outfit that took days of planning. I thrived off of the complements. I thrived off of the questions.

“how do you always look so good”
“where do you buy your clothes”

It was all so addictive. So addictive to the point I would spend rent money on clothes. So addictive that I would forget I bought clothing and find it months later tag still on it. So addictive that I didn’t go a week without shopping. So addictive that my closet and drawers were so overflowed that my husband and I rented a two bedroom so that I would have more closet space to use and eventually overfill.

When I left the country to work in Ecuador, which happens to be a developing nation where people make $10 a day, I gave away half my clothes, packed a quarter of my clothes, and still managed to fill boxes and boxes and boxes with clothing and shoes.

Before leaving the United States I had a problem. I had allowed myself to forget about others. I allowed myself to be hollow and cold, lacking in depth and understanding. I knew there were problems in the world and yet the addictive feeling of trying to be or look perfect allowed my world view to be tunneled. It allowed me to forget who makes my clothing and where it comes from. I mean, we all know the facts. There are poor people, there are people born into slums with little opportunity of escaping the circumstances of their birth. People who have no clothing or food. There are sweatshops. There is child labor. It is real and it exists, and I doubt that it is something any of us are happy about.

My biggest struggle is that we know its wrong, that we know that when buying a new item of clothing it could have been made in an unethical factory that creates slaves out of humans, but we allow ourselves to do it anyway. We allow ourselves to go numb, to not ask the questions and just forget that there is a world outside of ours.

“If you have two coats, you’ve stolen one from the poor.”

So what does all this have to do with me posting fashion posts on my blog? I, for the last ten months, have not gone shopping. I vowed to not buy anything while living in this county, and I have succeeded. The things that I have learned and the thoughts that have been provoked are incredible. My clothes do not and will not ever again define me. It has gotten so deep that I no longer wear makeup most days. This is huge for me. It is life changing. I have vowed to try with every ounce of my being to no longer support unethical companies. I have vowed to only shop second hand or to study the places my clothes from. I have vowed to use what I have until it is unusable and then to be creative and try to recycle old items. I have vowed to actually care about other people and to remind the selfish part of myself that looking perfect is not worth others living in poverty.

Will I fix the problem of the awful reality of garment industries, and the environmental impact of the fabrication of leather and other clothing items has on the earth? No, but I can absolute try. I can raise the questions to others, I can I share my story of overcoming the norm and trying to find a different way of living, and that is exactly what I plan on doing. I’m sharing fashion, but more than that, I’m sharing my journey to ethical fashion. Fashion that does not come at the cost of the suffering of others. I’m sharing my journey of reusing and recycling. How to recreate outfits for years how to find ethical and free trade places to buy clothing. It sounds strange and this is only the beginning for me; I will change. I will have conflicting thoughts. I will stumble. At my core I am human, selfish, and self centered. It is something I have battled my entire life and I am positive I will always have those internal battles, but I refuse to give up the fight of making this world a better place.

So without further adieu, here is my very first outfit of the week post.

What is an outfit of the week post?
Posts of outfits that I wear and love from clothing I previously owned. I will not be buying new items regularly and will be minimizing the clothing that I wear. The outfits I post will be an outfit I love wearing.

How often will I post these outfit posts?
Whenever I feel like sharing an outfit, but probably not every week due to how inconsistent I am as a blogger.

Why, if you think it is immoral to shop and buy clothes, are you  promoting clothing?
My goal is to promote clothing and fashion in a different way. To not buy in excess, to learn contentment with having less, and to understand that our love for clothing comes at a cost for others. I do not want to say that fashion and the love of dressing up is bad, but when we are willing to be so vain to not raise an eyebrow to the suffering of others there is a problem that needs to be brought to light.










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