Time we spent in Arkansas City…

Before leaving for Ecuador my husband and I got to visit my grandparents in Arkansas city, Kansas. I’m guessing you have never heard of the town. Don’t feel bad, its a small town in Kansas on the border of Oklahoma. It’s where I’m from, my mom is from, my grandma is from and her mom and so on. I take and cherish every opportunity I get to go and visit. This trip was the first time I have been back with my husband. I feel like I always end up there before stepping into a big life change. It is an interesting pattern one which I would love to continue because with the continuation of that habit means more time with my family. I will be honest there isn’t much to do. It can be really warm. They all drive really slow, its soooo quaint, but there’s something about the way the air smells and the flatness all around you. The moments when the wind picks up and takes the breath form you. Walking around and never being able to possibly get lost and being yelled at by what feels like an endless amount of family members. Its refreshing, its different, and its everything I would ever want it to be. While there I gained about five pounds, which is my own fault but I couldn’t keep myself from gorging out on food. My grandmother is probably the best cook ever. Her food is EVERYTHING!! Every time I go down I get so spoiled she makes me all the food I would normally stay away from because people do not cook them as well and why eat a two thousand calorie meal if its not the best thing you have every had. So I always hold out on the fried delicious fatty food until I’m at grandma’s.




A strawberry from my grandmas garden.



My great grandmother. Fun fact! she is actually a great great great great grandmother….
These things are like the devils tears… they are spike balls that carry seeds and are scatted everywhere and get stuck in your shoe and then in your skin., and on your dog, and everything else….
If you are ever in Arkansas city Kansas you must get a grinder man sandwich. They are soooooooo yummy and kind of a necessary step. They are my favorite sub shop ever.
 Waffle Champion in Oklahoma City it is SOOOOOOO delicious. Kyle and I went there before we went to the airport. It is probably my new favorite  breakfast place. We do not and will never live in Oklahoma so Its kind of a bummer.

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