Ecuador update

Hello everyone I feel like there is so much to tell you all about our time so far in Ecuador. I have already made so many memories, and experienced my life in a completely new and exciting way. I have formed relationships with people that will forever leave the biggest impression on my heart. Ecuador is amazing, the children are amazing, and seeing God’s work and God’s will play out daily is amazing. I have this awful habit of saying “we got lucky” or “they got lucky” when a situation works out flawlessly. I have had to remind my self constantly while being here that Kyle and I did not get lucky. The Hacienda of Hope did not “get lucky” everything has been touched by God and with God’s blessing has worked out so amazing. I am happy to say that Kyle and I have settled into Ecuador very nicely. So far our work here has been a breeze and honestly we both agree that it does not feel like work at all. We are both currently working Wednesday -Thursday from 3pm-9pm, and every weekend starting Friday at 3pm and ending Sunday after everyone is in bed. During the week Kyle works in the boys house. It has 8 boys; the youngest is seven and the oldest is sixteen. Kyle loves working with the boys. It has been so awesome to witnesses the growth of the relationships he has with them. The boys currently have a really neat business going on at the Hacienda. They have two dairy cows that they milk daily and then sell the milk to the other houses at the Hacienda. So far they have made enough money to purchase a Wii for there house. Its really cute. They have a dancing game and at night after they are done with there chores they will all play together and they take this game SO seriously. It honestly is so adorable. We are really looking forward to seeing how our relationships will grow with each boy over the next year. During the week I work in the girls house which has seven girls. The youngest girl is nine and the oldest girl is sixteen. I have definitely enjoyed getting to know the girls and love the relationships that I am developing with each of them. The girls are very lively and FULL of energy. My first night in the girls house we had a talent show where we all had to sing a song alone and then “judge” each others singing. They also found out that I was a cheerleader in high school and BEGGED me to teach them cheers. If you know me at all you know I was WAY out of my comfort zone, but it was a moment that I will forever cherish. One of my favorite quotes by Neale Donald Walsch is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I feel like I have definitely been out of my comfort zone a lot lately, and to be honest I am pretty proud of myself.  Kyle and I also work at the girls house as relief workers on the weekends. So far we have worked three weekends and it has been a blast. We have definitely been shown the power of God the past couple of weeks. We are a young married couple with no children so we were terrified about how well we would do with the children, but we both feel like this path that we are currently on has been made so easy for us. We both feel like our lives have been turned into something worth while, and will forever trust God in guiding us where ever he sees fit. I will hopefully be posting updates every Friday if our internet allows it. I would like to thank you all so much for the support and prayers that you have given us. We love you all and are so happy with life here in Ecuador.

UPDATES:So with every post I will try and share something exciting that is going on.
The kids have swimming every Thursday and Friday, and a couple of them are going to be competing this weekend. I have loved being able to go to their swimming practices. It is precious to see their heads pop out of the water and look over at me to make sure I was paying attention to their swimming skills. They always give it their all while their in the pool, and I have loved witnessing their progress each week. 1584418













Fun Facts:
* I have already lost 13 pounds sense arriving here April 16th. I attribute most of that to the lack of coffee creamer, Starbucks, and late night Taco bell runs in my life.
* Kyle has lost 25 pounds sense arriving. he attributes it to the same thing.
* We are currently living at 9,280ft. Seattle is at sea level. Big change.
* This week I ate a tiny pice of Cuy which is Guinea Pig (GROSS) I know but I have a rule in my life to try and try everything at least once.
* The Hacienda received two new children Andrea and Christopher. They are brother and sister and very adorable kids.


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