A Birthday Celebration

Carmen’s Birthday










Last week we celebrated the birthday of a pretty special person here at the Hacienda. I feel like with 26 kids, I attend quite a few birthday celebrations, and thought of sharing some of them with you. No matter how many birthday parties I attend or host each one is so fun and so very special. We have so many different ranges of age and personalities, and during birthdays I can’t help but personally reflect on the changes and the growth I get to witness within that kid’s life since being at the Hacienda.

Carmen is such a special person. She has such a sweet and soft spoken spirt she is always willing and seeking out ways to help the people around her. She always looks for ways to help me while I work in her house; she chops veggies for me to help me prep for meals, she makes juice for everyone, and she does extra chores for girls who have a lot of homework.

She’s really silly, and always make me laugh with her horrible jokes. She is quite the amazing ten year old. On the day of her party she was flooded with cards that celebrated and appreciated all of her amazing qualities, and it was so neat to see that I am not the only person who notices and appreciates her, but that she is able to inspire and influence everyone she meets.


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