Some goals for December


  1. Set up christmas tree and decorations with family at parents house, and make my apartment look as festive as possible. ( I say make it as festive as possible for a very exciting reason that I can not wait to share with you all)
  2. Read at least two inspirational books.
  3. Go on first winter mountain hike with family while snow is still on the ground.
    FInally get away with Kyle,, and spend a cozy weekend bundled up in a yurt.
  4. Continue our family holiday tradition and paint christmas ornaments with family and friends.
  5. Create and master yummy holiday vegan dishes and desserts to enjoy and share with you all.
  6. Take a weekend day trip to leavenworth and go knick knack shopping , Spiced wine tasting, Winter beer tasting, and find a really good restaurant to have lunch at.
  7. Make meditation a daily priority.
  8. Take a trip to seattle with family and have a fun day enjoying and exploring with each other.
  9. Make sure to go to the market.
  10. Share a really fun and inexpensive Winter DIY projects with you all.
  11. Learn how to make healthy vegan holiday drinks like hot chocolate and eggnog
    Take a ferry ride anywhere with Kyle.
  12. Get all holiday shopping done in a timely and orderly fashion. ( aka NO PROCRASTINATING)
  13. Make a delicious vegan christmas breakfast for my family.
  14. Wrap all presents really pretty and fun.
  15. Make my first Knit scarf.
  16. Go Ice Skating.
  17. Go to snowflake Lane with family while enjoying delicious warm drinks.
  18. Have a Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit marathon with family leading up to the release of The Hobbit.
  19. Organize and photograph my first shoot ( it will most likely be of my parents or another family member and it will be an un paid shoot, but practice makes perfect right)
  20. Sign up for winter semester.
  21. I know this goal list is coming at you 8 days late, But I figure it’s never too late to make accomplishing goals a priority.

Love and Light.


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