Ecuador Update #1


I might have a slight succulent obsession.
We bought some seeds that where on sale. We are going to try and grow them in Ecuador.

So it’s happening! Today Kyle and I officially canceled our lease. We have until March 20th to be packed up and ready for our adventure well, sort of ready. We are moving in with my parents the final days leading up to our departure. I feel that a couple weeks with them will be so good for us in the long run. I have never been out of the country for an entire year and my family has always been my comfort zone, so to be moving so far away from them is going to be well INSANE, but I will have my sweet Kyle. There is so much to be done, I feel like starting a list, but I’m afraid I might just drown in the confusion and excitement, of all the unknown. What am I even supposed to pack for a year? How many pairs of jeans. What products, how many pairs of shoes. Etc… how do you plan!!!!! And with my anxiety the list of worries goes on and on literally forever. I Jenise bring a suitcase for weekend long visits with family and I’m not even that fashionable just ridiculously anxious. “Oh, I should definitely bring my bathing suit to the lake house in the winter we “might go swimming” like seriously, what’s my problem… Okay, so I am only bringing two checked bags into to Ecuador and of course my carry on and a backpack. It would be even more of an accomplishment to bring one checked bag, but that’s still just in the air. Kyle and I decided that we are going to try and get rid of almost all of our stuff we both find it so silly have stuff stored away in a closet that’s being paid for. For an unknown amount of time. We dont want to be greedy… Anyway getting rid of so much has sprung up a huge infatuation with minimalism and the community surrounding it, I love the idea of living with less and living for more experiences and memories. Having more authenticity in my life and less possessions. I will take it!!!!! Honestly I must face it adventure, spontaneity and living my life for God are all way overdue. I’m leaving behind my culture in return for new and exciting. Trading in my luxuries for potential discomforts, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I need fear. I need faith. And I need freed from society’s ridiculous standards and expectations. Buying a one way ticket and never looking back living in the present and living to fulfill God’s purpose in my life.



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