Clips of My Weekend


I have to just say I am a the BEST knick knack shopper ever. Here are a few things I picked up over the weekend while I was thrift shopping. The plants I obviously did not find at a thrift shop, but I did get them on sale. Everything in this picture I got for DRUM ROLL PLEASE…… 24 dollars What a steal!
 I have started a project that has completely taken over my living room. Kyle (my hubby) and I recently moved. Moving in my personal opinion is always an excuse to decorate. I feel as though every home has a personality, and you can’t mimic the exact decor form your last home to your new home. You do not have to buy all new furniture to change things upThat’s what paint and fabric are for. Over the weekend I decided to paint my desk and vanity. From black to white. Instead of buying something new Kyle and I always like to try to restore what we have or build it ourselves. I find we always like the things we remodel or build more than the items we purchase brand new.It’s also a simple way of saving money. This desk/vanity combo has been one of my favorite gifts from my teenage years. My parents bought it for me for my sixteenth birthday and I don’t think I will ever part with it. It always amazes me what a fresh coat of paint can do. I will update you all when I finish 🙂
Last update. I did my yearly bang cut over the weekend. I have been cutting my bangs every fall since I was 13. I’ll admit the first four years were awful, but around 18 I started to acquire a neat skill called patience… I would not call myself an expert, but It’s a work in progress maybe by the time I’m 30 I will have my own bang shop!!!. Let’s hear it for Fall!!! And my 8 year bang anniversary…
Love and Light.

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