Hello lovelies

I am so happy to be posting my first weekend wrap up. Like I said in a previous post this blog is something that has become very special to me and something that I want to invest more of my time into. This week was a very quiet week in our home full of studying studying and more studying. As you all may know Kyle and I have announced to the world that we are going to be leaving for a year long missions trip to Ecuador within the next couple of months. To say that we are excited would honestly be an understatement we have been like two kids in a candy store lately. This week has been full of hopeless conversations in spanish (I feel like Ill never pick it up), giggles at my hopeless spanish skills, and nights full of daydreaming about all the unknown plans God has instore for us.This week has reminded me that being married is the best, and that I have the best husband ever. He is so kind and patient with me. Many of you may not be aware but I am currently a stay at home wife and a full time student. Kyle is also going to school full time aside from his full time job. We are in the second week of the quarter… Lets just say new things shake up my world a lot….My house and diet suffered deeply from this change. laundry was unwashed, work out schedule ruined, five nights of take out. (Which I think is a new record for us), clothes not put away, bed unmade and my poor plant babies shriveled, But my sweet guy was understanding and patience with me through it all. A huge goal for next week is to get our lives back into our comfortable cozy routine. I swear I have become an old women guys. You already know my biggest resolution for 2015 was to create and achieve as many goals as possible, here is the link to last weeks GOALS, and I am so proud of myself I actually accomplished some of them and I get to replace them with a new goals. How exciting I hope that you all had a wonderful week and that this next week will be wonderful as well. Life has proven time and time again to be so exciting and forever changing. I have to constantly remember that we create our universe are lifes are a reflection of ourselves lets create something beautiful.

Sending you all Love and Light.


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