2015 New Years


With the New year. I have so many goals I want to accomplish. I feel the longing for growth during this new year. I want to truly create the world that I love one which I never stop my personal growth and development. A goal is to put more time patience and effort into this blog. To truly make it my space. to document daily life self growth and perseverance to make something I and will be able to look back on. Like a personal journal documenting life through me.

So a new addition to my blog. Is weekend wrap ups. Every sunday I will post a wrap up of the week that just passed. I will share the highlights and the goals that I have for the upcoming week I will also share with you all the goals that I completed and the way that they are changing my life.

My biggest new years resolution was to constantly have twenty resolutions in the works per week. and when I complete one create a new one. To have changing resolutions all year long and to never stop my self betterment.

Goals for this week January,5,2015

  • Write more love letters to Kyle
  • create a chore chart for keeping house more clean and organized
  • Read bible every day (21 Days)
  • Self torture in Math (21 sessions)
  • Write out goals everyday (21 days)
  • Read a book (21 Days)
  • Drink 3 litters of water a day (21 Days)
  • Pay and Organize bills
  • Work out (21 Days)
  • Eat three very healthy meals a day (21 days)
  • Make a what I eat wednesday
  • Make bed (21 Days)
  • start a new project
  • Practice being more patient (21 days)
  • Get prepared for school
  • Do more outfit posts (21 posts)
  • Work on memorizing verse of the week
  • Send handwritten letters to loved ones
  • Pray
  • Work on blog (21 days)
  • Start a sewing project

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